Most applications to most things get rejected, but we’d all rather focus on the times when things went better. In an attempt to confront my fear of failure I’m going to try to post all of my applications (where appropriate) here from now on. I’ll update them later on when I find out how they went. I make no promises that they’ll be anything useful here.

Name Link to App Success
Samsung NEXT N/A Nope :(
Hired N/A Yes, third time lucky!
Open Con 2018 coming soon Yes but unable to attend again, very :(
Mozilla Fellowship coming soon Yes
Hired N/A No :(
Open Con 2017 here Yes but unable to attend :(
Software Sustainability Fellowshop here and source Yes :)
Mozilla Science Lab Mini-Grant coming soon No :(
Wellcome Trust PhD Studentship N/A Missed the interview due to an admin error :(