Dates Institution Achievements / Roles
2019 - Present Babylon Health

Senior Engineer (Self-Care)

AI Software Engineer (Digital Twin and Simulations)

2018 - 2019 Mozilla

Mozilla Fellow (see Roles & Awards)

2015 - 2019 MRC BNDU

PhD (DPhil) in Neuroscience

MRC 3-year DTA (Dr. David Dupret)

Microsoft RSE Cloud Computing Fellowship 2018

SSI Software Sustainability Fellow 2018

Member of MRC BNDU Information Security Forum and Data Access Committee

2012 - 2015 University of Oxford

2:1 in Pre-clinical Medical Sciences

Travel Scholarship from Oxford Neuroscience

Studentship from Alberta Innovates Health Solutions

Travel Scholarship from University College

Academic Exhibition from University College

Roles & Awards

Open Research & Computing

Mozilla Fellow 2018-2019 - As a Mozilla Fellow I worked on several aspects of research software. With Spikeforest and Continuous Research I’m applying best practices in software development such as continuous delivery to data-heavy research problems. With Jupyter Span I’m developing an experimental user interface that focusses on Jupyter’s use as an IDE, instead of it’s use of generating reports. And with Back Your Scientific Stack I worked on ways to make projects that are used by a large number of people more robust and financially sustainable.

Up-to-date links of related work are kept here.

RSE Cloud Computing Fellow 2017-2018 - I have been awarded a fellowship to develop solutions to make it easier for researchers to make use of cloud computing resources. My main project here will be allowing users to perform spike-sorting in the cloud using MountainLab-JS. So far we have added an API so that we can add, remove and interface with pods from a Kubernetes cluster.

SSI Software Sustainability Fellow 2017-2019 - I was awarded a fellowship by the Software Sustainability Institute to continue working on 3 projects: developing the OS and research software module for an Open Science MOOC, continue building a community around using Julia for Neuroscience research (Julia Neuro) and to continue to lead the formation of a Robust Research Initiative in Oxford.

MRC BNDU Information Security and Data Access Committee 2017-Present - I am steering the creation of a Peta-Scale Data Sharing Platform that we are building so that we are able to more effectively share our raw data. I also co-manage the NAS & local compute servers as well as 20+ linux workstations.

Open Source Contributor 2017-Present Alongisde my main projects I contribute bug fixes / features to lots of the software that I use. I also try to maintain a presence on forums such as Stack Overflow where I feel I can be helpful. All of this can be seen on my github.

Neuroscience Research

DPhil in Neuroscience (MRC BNDU, University of Oxford) 2016-2019 - During my first year and half I designed and performed electrophysiological recording experiments in freely behaving mice. During that time, and since, I have been analysing the data from those experiments, as well as supervising the collection of more data and analysing data for other projects in the lab.

During this time I also co-implemented a continuous algorithm-benchmarking application & website with collaborators at the Flatiron Institute which, while still in alpha, handles the application of a diverse range of software to many datasets that are 100s of TB each. I also gained a lot of experience using a wide variety of machine learning approaches, from linear models & bayesian approaches to multilinear tensor models such as MPCA. I applied these to neural data in order to predict behaviour, and interrogated the models’ parameters in order to better understand the underlying neural processes.

FHS Project in Neuroscience (Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Calgary, Canada) - During my undergraduate I was awarded a scholarship to perform a research project in Canada. I investigated the role of the CRH (Corticotropin Release Hormone)-positive neurons in the hypothalamus using immunohistochemistry, optogenetics and behavioural testing.

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What’s next after notebooks? csv,conf,v4 in Portland slides here and watch here.

Zero to Binderhub Kubernetes & Binder Workshop at Sheffield University slides here

Sustainable Development of Research Software Mozilla Science Fellows Presentation at the Siegel Foundation in New York website here and slides here

Feed.Me - Social Media Feed Manipulation for Good Underexposed, Berlin slides here


Continuous Research Mozilla Fellowship Introduction slides here

Continuous Research Lightning Talk at Collborations Workshop write up here

5 Golden Rules for Data Management University of Oxford Training Day slides here

Disentangling neural representations of appetitive and aversive experiences. Poster at FENS Forum of Neuroscience


SSI Software Sustainability Institute Application slides here

Disentangling appetitive and aversive memories with overlapping content spanning multiple brain circuits Poster at the Society for Neuroscience

Detecting neuronal assemblies using patterns of cross-correlations Poster at British Neuroscience Association 2017


Population Coupling in Memory and Reward Processing Circuits Poster at FENS

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