Seen some cool thingz pop up on recently which remind that I actually don’t hate the whole of the internet (or the whole of hackernews). Also that maybe I do get art. Just not the kind of art that I was exposed to as a kid.

No paint - I’m no artist but everything that this the produces is a masterpiece IMO.

Loglo - As with no paint you have to click through to event have a tiny clue what this is about but basically its a programming environment for drawing usings stacks of commands in rows and columns in a spreadsheet. Crazy, stupid brilliant stuff.

TTS.mp3 - If your on a mac you can use say. But this you can send as a link.

Doug Engelbart’s Demo - Amazing to see how far we haven’t come since this famous demo. I’d heard about it years ago but never sat down and watched the whole thing. Steve Jobs ain’t got nothing on this.