OK so my job title isn’t actually “data scientist”. But by the end of this year it might be, and while a lot of what I do research-wise is pretty much “data science” there are also a fair few aspects that get ignored in acedemia. While trying to keep growing as a software developer I was super happy to come across every-programmer-should-know - a github repo that acts as a highly curated list of things that are super useful to know as a programmer.

So, while trying to fill in a few of the (many) gaps in my data-sci skill stack I decided to create a s/programmer/data-scientist version of the list! I’ve started filling it in with a few of my favourite resources but I don’t have enough experience to really fill this out. So if you’ve got an awesome resource that covers something new then add it to the list; or if you’ve found something that you feel is better than what I’ve put there already then replace it! I will try to spend a some time to give every PR a proper look through.

Anyway here it is at every-data-scientist-should-know, let me know what you think!

PS. By "should-know" I don't really mean "should". I mean, you can learn whatever you feel like.
I just stole the title from someone else ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯