Today I learned what TIL means. Actually I found that out what a few weeks back. But I still haven’t looked up what “TFW” means… Anyway here’s a post a plan to do weekly (let’s see how that goes) where I write down something I learned each day. Might be boring, might not. No ones forcing you to read this anyway.


Learnt a few more introductory LaTeX commands:

  • \includegraphics{} to insert my the first couple of figures.
  • Learnt how to use ~\autocite{} & Overleaf/Zotero integration to easily include references in my LaTeX project.

And how to use $ \LaTeX{} $ in markdown and render it using html & Jekyll (i.e. on this site).


I guess I had forgotten this one because I used to use it a bit but ctl-R for searching through your .bash_history is 👌.

Also Vitor re-learned, and then taught me, what an ANCOVA is - basically just significance testing to compare multiple regressions.


Learned the basics of using AJAX with JQuery for my Code of Conduct Builder project.


Off to brighton… byeeee!